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Rosemont College welcomes you and encourages you to 参与 in activities and make long-lasting connections and friends, even if you don't live 在校园. Commuters are welcome to join any programs that are held in the residence halls, given the opportunity to serve on the Commuter Student Committee, and hold leadership positions across campus.

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (隔) Accessibility

 is a regional public transportation authority that operates multiple forms of public transportation services that includes bus, subway, elevated rail, commuter rail, light rail and electric trolleybus. Commuting to Rosemont College is very easy with 隔’s Paoli/Thorndale Regional Rail just a half-mile from campus.

Trains come and go every half an hour during the week and every hour on both Saturday 和周日. 的 Norristown High Speed Line (100) has a station stadium (Villanova Stadium) that’s just under a mile from campus.


停车 permits can be purchased at an affordable rate of $25 annually through the 办公室 公共安全. All vehicles operated and parked on College property by full- and part-time students, faculty, and staff must be registered with 公共安全.

Commuter Lounge

Commuter students can also access the commuter lounge located on the first floor of Alumnae Hall where they have a TV, couch, magazines, refrigerator, and their own space 在校园 to sit down and relax or do homework between classes.

Commuter 餐计划

我们的 Commuter meal plans offer commuter students an affordable alternative to off-campus dinning between classes and extra-curricular activities. Flex dollars can be used in either Cardinal Dining Hall or 的 Ravens Nest. 的 available meal plans for commuter students on a semester by semester basis are listed below:

  • 125份餐点 and $50 flex dollars for $1,333 
  • 75份餐点 and $25 flex dollars for $794 
  • 50个餐 and $25 flex dollars for $538

Hours of Operations

  • Monday through Thursday 4:30 PM until 11:00 PM
Kiosk: (Located in Cardinal Hall Entrance)
  • Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. 直到下午4点.m.
Cardinal Dining Hall:
  • Monday through Friday
  • 8点吃早餐 a.m. 直到10点.m.
  • 10点关闭 a.m. 直到上午11点
  • 中午11点 a.m. 直到下午2点.m.
  • 生活午餐2:00 p.m. 直到下午4点.m.
  • 下午4点关门.m. 直到下午4:30.m.
  • 晚餐四点半 p.m. 直到晚上7点.m.