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Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Earn your Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at Rosemont College.

Broadening your language skills expands your world and your career opportunities. 

With the United States on pace to become the largest Spanish-speaking country by 2050, the demand for bilingual professionals is higher than ever. Spanish proficiency—and the multicultural awareness that comes with it—enhances your marketability as a future job seeker AND widens your career options. 

Rosemont’s Bachelor of Arts in Spanish prepares you to meet that need through our immersive curriculum. Classes are conducted in Spanish, delving into the rich history, arts, literature and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries around the world. By the time you graduate, you’ll be competent and confident in holding conversations with fluent speakers, articulating your thoughts in writing, and reading a variety of texts.  

Students often pair the Spanish major or minor with our programs in Business, History, Criminal Justice, Education, or New Media Communication. Spanish proficiency in these fields allows you to communicate with a larger, more diverse group of people, providing you with a competitive advantage in careers that rely on interaction with the public. 

Why Study Spanish at Rosemont? 

Rosemont’s intentionally small class size allows our students to make deep connections to their peers and professors, helping you find your unique voice and expanding your professional opportunities. Our intimate academic environment means that you’ll be an active participant in your learning: contributing to discussions, engaging with different viewpoints, and thinking critically about your own.   

We realize that figuring out your calling is a process, so Spanish faculty serve as mentors, truly getting to know each student’s talents and ambitions. From discussing the best coursework for your goals to introducing you to career paths you may not have known existed, professors and advisors support you through every step of your academic journey.   

Outside the classroom, our location in suburban Philadelphia is a fantastic resource for hands-on learning and professional development. With easy access to healthcare facilities, tourist attractions, government agencies, internationally based businesses, and other spots with a high concentration of Spanish speakers, opportunities for jobs and internships abound. 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Study Abroad program allowed students to spend a summer in Spain, where they were placed with jobs that offered real-world opportunities to enhance their language and professional skills—all while enjoying the unforgettable experience of life abroad. The program is currently suspended, however, we hope to resume when we are able to safely do so. 

Coursework Examples 

  • SPA 0307: Medical/Scientific Spanish 
  • SPA 0311: Spanish Communication Styles 
  • SPA 0340: The Rise and Decline of a Revolution: The Cold War from the Cuban Perspective  
  • SPA 0351: Contemporary Spain 
  • SPA 0410: Women in Spanish and Spanish-American Literature 


Look Forward to a Successful Future 

The language proficiency, cultural understanding, and critical thinking and problem-solving skills you’ll gain as a Spanish major are valuable assets in any field. Jobs for graduates with a BA in Spanish include: 

  • Translator 
  • Business development manager
  • International relations consultant
  • Teacher
  • Social worker
  • Human resources manager
  • Recruiter 
  • Law enforcement official 
  • Medical interpreter 
  • Travel agent  

Spanish Faculty

Tatiana Ripoll-Paez
610.527.0200 xt. 2324