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The Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology requires 120 credits.


In addition to meeting the course requirements for each respective major, all students 也必须满足 通识教育要求 本科学院. 学生可申请本专业9个学分 这些需求.


SOC 0100:社会学原理: A study of the interaction in the major social institutions: the family, military, economy, religion, education, government / legal, leisure, mass media, peer group, 社区和社会分层. 日常生活如何受到文化的影响, 状态和角色构造. 社会学作为一门应用/解决问题的学科 强调. 开设秋季学期. (3学分)

SOC 0110:社会问题: Appreciation of how “social problems” are defined by culture. 研究领域:(1) city (urban change); (2) healthcare; (3) family disorganization; (4) labeling of sexual behavior; (5) individual and organized crime; (6) juvenile delinquency; (7) 生活cycle problems; (8) substance use – drugs, alcohol, smoking; (9) war and terrorism; (10) secrecy and privacy; (11) poverty; (12) environmental issues. 开设春季学期. (3学分)

经典理论家选集. 孔德,斯宾塞,迪尔凯姆,齐美尔,韦伯等等 will be studied with an interest in their social concepts as they are employed today. 先决条件:soc - 0100. 春季开课. (3学分)
Selected modern theorists read in the original with emphasis on how a theory is constructed. Freud, Parsons, Merton, Goffman, Park, Homans, Feminist Sociologists (K. 小米,维.E. 波伏娃,J. 米切尔,B. 钩子),以及其他. 概念的应用 以实证研究与社会学实践相结合. 开设秋季学期. 先决条件: SOC 0100或SOC 0110(3学分)
An analysis of contemporary views of criminal behavior, social theories of causation /犯罪行为. Areas of studies will be deviance; penal reform; crime detection; changing definition of crime; and agencies of social control. 特别强调 刑法程序与犯罪构成要件. 实地考察旅行. 先决条件:SOC0100. 开设秋季学期. (3学分)
Origin of reformatory system, the social values of the middle- class reformers, the 青少年制度,帮派行为,J.D. 对待少年犯,以及 新犯罪模式. 实地考察青少年设施和青少年 法院. 先决条件:soc - 0100. 开设春季学期. (3学分)
本课程探讨受害者学领域. 它将调查主要理论 and concepts that will allow for a greater understanding of both offenders and victims. Areas addressed in the course include but are not limited to the prevalence of victimology, biological and environmental factors related to victimology, the consequences for both offenders and victims, effective interventions, and special issues such as consumer victimization, cybercrimes, legal and ethical issues working with offenders and victims, sexual assault and human trafficking, terrorism, and gang victims. 先决条件:soc - 0100 或SOC-0110或POI. (3学分)

SOC 0330:社会调解/争议解决: 争议解决的理论与实践. 可以调解的社会问题 include domestic issues; cohabitation; divorce; child custody; employer-employee conflicts; educational services; and other areas. 涵盖主题:社会冲突理论 / mediation; identifying the social context; ethical knowledge; techniques for building collaborations; identifying impasses; updating professional training; integration of other professionals (lawyers, religious professional, therapists, and human resources); 起草调解文件. Guest speakers will share their knowledge and experiences. 没有先决条件. This course fulfills the Critical Thinking requirement in the 本科 大学通识教育课程. (3学分)

SOC 0420:压力社会学 & 危机干预: Bio-socio-psycho foundations, social systems and stress, situational crisis theories, techniques for stress reduction, crisis intervention, burnout, PTSD, violence, 生活 cycle issues, legal/ethical issues in intervention, religion, animal companions. Selfmonitoring 减压技巧的教授和实践. 根据需要提供. (3学分)

SOC 0210:社会分层 & 流动性: 对社会权力关系的研究. 社会经济地位变量和日常 生活. 统治阶级、精英和多元理论. 宗教-民族的社会流动模式 组. 全球化导致的美国阶级结构的变化. U.S. 社会阶层 对第三世界国家的影响. "白手起家"和其他信仰模式. 先决条件: SOC0200或soc0205或POI. 开设春季学期. (3学分)

SOC 0370:种族和族裔群体: Principles of acculturation-assimilation, prejudicediscrimination, and conflict-accommodation 模式. Exploration of social diversity (race, ethnicity, religious, age, gender, 国籍变量将被检查). 社会正义运动(民权). 构建社会和谐的典范. 前提条件:社会学专业或许可 的教练. 社会学专业或经导师许可. 提供每 两年. (3学分)

The history, traditions, social philosophies, practices, and procedures of the civil 以及刑事系统. The 法院’s importance and impact on society from arrest to 情况下部署. 实地视察法庭的运作情况. 应用程序 社会学的理论、方法和干预. (3学分)
Theoretical / applied knowledge related to legal / illegal drug use. 主题包括: relationships between institutions and substance abuse; theories of causation / perpetuation; treatment models; intro to pharmacology of substance abuse; roles of the abuser; race, class, ethnicity, gender, and other socio-cultural themes in advertising of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes; and special issues for woman substance abusers. 先决条件: SOC-0100 or SOC-0110, PSY-0100 or permission 的教练 (POI). 每年提供. (3学分)
How have Supreme Court decisions concerning freedoms of speech, press and religion; the rights of the accused; civil rights for women and minority 组, and the right 隐私改变了我们的生活和政治体系? 我们将使用法律意见 以及政治学分析来回答这个问题. 学生将研究案例 和主题,并向全班做报告. 先决条件:一门社会科学课程 或POI(3学分)
An introduction to research methods in the social sciences which includes descriptive and inferential statistics, qualitative methods, survey methods, research design, document analysis, special interviewing skills, experimental and quasiexperimental 研究方法和分析工具. 学生完成一项研究计划 或本专业的研究项目. 前提条件:SOC 0100或SOC 0110 或POI. (3学分)
Evaluation of current research, theory, and practice in sociology. 格式为学生 在教师指导下进行演讲和讨论. 主题因学期而异. 开放 至社会学专业高年级学生,其他经许可. 根据需要提供. (3学分)
Supervised experience in an outside practice / agency or institution. 教员-学生 conferences and evaluation sessions will be held periodically. 一名校内主管 class will be held based on the professor’s discretion and student need. 对大三学生开放 和老年人. (9学分)

加: 一门社会学选修课(3学分)


Students may complete a minor in Criminology by completing 6 to 8 of the required 上面列出的犯罪学课程.