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Scientific 研究

生物学 and 化学 students 在Rosemont大学 actively conduct undergraduate research with faculty mentors. We recognize that undergraduate research enhances student learning by providing opportunities to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom. 研究 not only promotes creative independent thinking, but also advances the ability 解决问题.

As a result of research, students gain the research skills and confidence needed to pursue internships, post-graduate studies, or employment opportunities in their field. Students not only “do” experiments but also develop oral communication skills by 展示他们的 work in both regional and national conferences.

Genetics and Cell 生物学

The regulation of meiosis in the yeast, S. 酵母

Dr. Aikaterini Skokotas

Collaboration 博士. 爱德华·温特
Jefferson University


Dr. Aikaterini Skokotas conducts research in collaboration 博士. 爱德华。冬天, a yeast geneticist at Thomas Jefferson University. The main goal of their joint study is to examine the regulation of meiosis in the yeast, saccharomyces 酵母. Becom a member of the research team and learn current laboratory techniques, improve your problem solving skills.

Gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a scientist. Students who study 博士. Skokotas won first prize three years in a row at The Annual 本科 研究 Symposium at UMBC (Biological Science Section).


Environmental 生物学: Aquatic 生态学研究

Dr. 珍妮特小仲马

Stream Team undergraduate research.

If you have an interest in aquatic biology, environmental science and/or sustainability, you can join Dr. 珍妮特小仲马 and her research team, AKA the Stream Team, to study the health of the campus stream, a tributary of Mill Creek. You can assess the water quality by measuring the amount of pollutants, and quantifying the abundance and diversity of macroinvertebrates living in the stream.

Dr. Dumas collaborates with a local conservation organization, the Lower Merion Conservancy. Conducting research in the field promotes creative independent thinking, advances your problem solving skills and exposes you to the process of scientific discovery. 

The Sream Team Facilitated by Dr. Dumas, who is recognized by the as an outstanding educator by Lower Merion Environmental Council with the "Go for the Green Award". 她出演了 LMTV speaking about Environmental Science 在Rosemont.

Synthesis and Characterization of Metallic Nanomaterials with interesting structural and physical properties ​

Dr. Xiuni吴

Collage of Rosemont chemistry students doing research and winning awards.

Nanomaterials have received much interest in the last two decades, as they often exhiit unique electronic, catalytic, optical, and magnetic properties. 博士. Xiuni吴邦国委员长的 research lab, students are working on green synthesis and characterization of Au-Ag bimetallic nanoparticles using plant extract such as green tea and cinnamon.

Dr. Wu and her students are also testing the stability and antibacterial properties of these nanomaterials. Students Bianca Paranzino and Krushna Mantri won an Outstanding Poster Award for their work 博士. Wu  at the 本科 研究 Symposium. The meeing was held at University of the Sciences in 2017.