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Agents of Change. Ethics. Professionalism. Social Justice. 

Rosemont’s Criminal justice and Homeland Security and 应急管理 programs provide not just a competitive edge, but a strong ethical foundation to those working 在这个关键领域. Our associate's and bachelor's degree programs will expose you to the innovation and best practices necessary to protect lives and civil liberties, 尤其是在紧张时期. A focus on social and equitable justice is the cornerstone 课程的.

Rosemont大学 was founded a century ago to “meet the wants of the age.” A degree in Criminal Justice from Rosemont will provide you with the tools needed to respond 在不断变化的世界中满足社会的需求.


让你的事业更上一层楼. 对于许多执法人员来说 Philadelphia region, the completion of an associate’s degree can result in pay increases of $300 to $2,500, depending on their collective bargaining agreement. Credits you’ve earned at the Police Academy may count to your degree.



In our complex world, competent leaders are needed more than ever. 如果你感兴趣的话 in a career in law enforcement, court administration, the judicial system, corrections, public or private security, or another related field, then Rosemont大学’s Criminal Justice program gives you the skills you need to help bring change and justice to 一些当今最具挑战性的情况.

You may choose from four optional specialized tracks to focus your degree: Forensics, 执法部门,国土安全部,或者社会服务部门.



  • 方便的网上格式: Courses are offered online and structured to allow you to complete coursework independently, when 这对你来说很方便. 
  • 管理课程: Full-time accelerated students take two courses every seven weeks.
  • 为以前的经验赚取学分: Transfer up to 90 credits and gain credit for police academy, prior college credit, professional licenses and/or certificates, or other work experience. Learn more.
  • Immediate ROI: Classroom learning will come to life through case studies where you’ll be encouraged to use your own job as a learning lab—which has the added benefit of reinforcing your 对你现在雇主的价值. 
  • 经验丰富的支持性教师队伍: 我们的教师都是经验丰富的专业人士. 他们是所教内容的专家,而且 在他们的专业团体中有很强的联系. 了解我们的教练.
  • 拓展你的世界: 作为忙碌的成年人,拓展你的世界观是很困难的. 正规赌博十大平台排行吸引了形形色色的人 student body, which brings different experiences and knowledge to the classroom, providing a 丰富的学习经验. 
  • Easy & Free to Apply: We believe a quality education should be affordable and attainable, and our application 过程反映了这一承诺. 使用很容易,而且免费. 点击查看如何申请的信息.



Rosemont's School of Graduate and Professional Studies is affiliated with

Student Success

Our students excel in critical analysis and decision-making skills; the ability to respond to potentially dangerous situations; navigate complex situations; and succeed at disaster recovery on the local, state and federal levels. 他们的沟通能力 as well as understand the ethical and social impact of their actions and decisions 这让他们在行业中脱颖而出. 读一些我们学生的故事.

通过Rho Chi的网络Lambda Alpha Epsilon的章节

Rosemont's School of Graduate and Professional Studies is proud to have chartered Rho Chi, a chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association- Lambda Alpha Epsilon. The mission of Rho Chi is for “Rosemont大学 Criminal Justice alumni, current students, and faculty to join together in fellowship, mentoring, and networking to provide excellence in enhancing the education of our students to create a positive change in our community 作为变革的推动者.”

Career Paths

Rosemont’s Criminal Justice and Homeland Security and 应急管理 programs advance the careers of those already employed in or seeking to enter the fields of law enforcement, fire services, emergency management, military, public health, judicial 以及全球情报领域.  

  • 虐待动物调查员
  • ARD Specialist
  • 纵火调查员
  • ATF特工
  • Bailiff
  • Bail Enforcement
  • 边境巡逻人员
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Casino Security
  • CIA Agent
  • Canine Officer
  • 儿童保护服务工作者
  • 儿童福利社工
  • 合规经理
  • 计算机取证调查员
  • 社区服务协调员
  • 社区联络主任
  • 保护官
  • Constable
  • 矫正顾问
  • 狱警
  • Court Clerk
  • Courts Officer
  • 犯罪现场调查员
  • 刑事分析器
  • Criminologist
  • 海关代理/船上巡逻
  • DEA Agent
  • 死亡人员
  • Deputy Coroner
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • 美国副元帅
  • 外交安全代理人
  • Dispatcher
  • 地区法官
  • 家庭关系主任
  • 家庭关系调查员
  • 虐待老人调查员
  • 应急管理
  • FBI Agent
  • 美国联邦储备银行
  • 联邦特工
  • 联邦空军元帅
  • 联邦公园护林员
  • 联邦保护署
  • 法医技术人员
  • 欺诈调查员
  • 融合中心官员
  • Game Warden
  • 房屋委员会警察
  • 房屋发展代理
  • ICE Agent
  • 移民官
  • 情报官员
  • 美国国税局刑事调查员
  • 青少年辅导员
  • 少年修正
  • 青少年感化专员
  • 青少年心理健康顾问
  • Juvenile Mentor
  • 青少年感化主任
  • 执法人员
  • 潜在指纹审查员
  • 防损主任
  • 警察侦探
  • Police Officer
  • Mediator
  • Military Police
  • Mint Police
  • Paralegal
  • Park Ranger
  • Parole Officer
  • Penologist
  • 预审主任私家侦探
  • Private Security
  • 缓刑监督官
  • 公共安全主任
  • Risk Manager
  • 学校资源主任
  • 特勤局特工
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Officer
  • Social Services
  • Social Worker
  • Sociologist
  • State Trooper
  • 州缓刑官
  • 州假释官
  • SWAT Officer
  • SWAT Medic
  • 药物滥用顾问
  • 药物滥用专家
  • TSA代理人/官员
  • Transit Police
  • US Capitol PD
  • USDA Agent
  • USDA Police
  • 美国林业特别代理人
  • US Postal PD
  • 野生动物保育主任
  • Victim Advocate
  • Youth Counselor
  • Youth Mentor


Aim for Further Career Advancement with Rosemont's Graduate Programs

Further advancement in your career can be yours beyond the completion of your undergraduate degree. 看看正规赌博十大平台排行学院的这些项目吧:

Gain the skills you need to advance to leadership positions in the criminal justice system. For motivated undergraduate students, you can  transition easily into Rosemont's 国土安全文学硕士 & 应急管理(MA-HLS&EM) program.

Delivered fully online, the 国土安全文学硕士 & 应急管理 (MA-HLS&EM) integrates the disciplines of Homeland Security, Criminal Justice, and 应急管理 with a dynamic foundation of ethics and social justice principles.

职业发展的另一个选择是正规赌博十大平台排行的在线课程 国土安全与应急管理MBA. You’ll develop a strong business acumen and management skills that are essential 建立减灾战略.

The graduate 法医心理学证书 is designed to train professionals to work with people within the criminal and civil justice systems, including civil, criminal and family court system.

Professionals who will benefit from this program including law enforcement, intelligence analysts, first responders, social workers, corrections officers, probation/ parole agents, mental health workers, nurses, disaster relief workers, CISM Teams members, 公共卫生和应急管理人员.