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BA in Applied Psych Degree Requirements


The BA in Applied Psychology curriculum consists of 120 credits (20 courses). Students 最多可以转学90个学分,其中可以包括生活经验决定的学分 through a Prior Learning Assessment.

Course offerings are both theoretical and applied.

Required Psychology Courses (24 Credits)

旨在提供一个坚实的基础,PSY 1001:心理学入门准备 学生在较高级的心理学课程中阅读和理解材料. Study the science of behavior and mental processes; this course covers the basic concepts, principles, methods, and research findings of psychology.

Emphasis is placed on important topics and research areas to the understanding of human thought. These include 生物和环境的影响,感觉,知觉,发展,学习, cognition, emotion, motivation, personality, mental health, and social interaction.

This course provides a solid foundation for writing in the APA style. Learn how to present research findings while improving your writing skills. Communicate information from behavioral sciences literature. Learn to write in a variety of formats including abstract, poster presentations, and journal-style writing.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001

本课程提供了统计概念和方法的介绍 field of psychology, including probability and hypothesis-testing. Specific topics 包括集中趋势、可变性、相关性、t检验、方差分析 (ANOVA), and non-parametric tests. This course emphasizes a conceptual understanding of statistics applied in the context of psychological research.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001

获得必要的定量方法的理解和实践经验 to do research in psychology. This includes understanding and applying basic experimental 方法,统计分析,并在图表数据有意义和适当 way. Through real-life and hypothetical examples, gain an understanding of which basic 统计分析适用于不同类型的数据和不同的研究 questions.

主题包括实验设计的伦理和实践限制,问题 效度和信度,样本选择和分配,以及实验的变化 design.

阅读和解释心理学文献,运用APA风格的技巧 report writing. Analyze data with a commonly used statistical analysis program. Explore 心理学研究是一个令人兴奋的领域,与许多现实世界 applications.

Prerequisites: PSY 1001, PSY 1005, PSY 2001 

An introduction to basic descriptive statistics used to evaluate data, t他的课程解释了行为科学中定性研究的基础.

它旨在提高学生概念化、设计和进行定性分析的能力 研究和科学方法,因为它适用于回答有关人类的问题 behavior through non-experimental research methods such as survey and observation.

主题包括在应用中收集数据的伦理和实践限制 settings via surveys, interviews, and observation.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001, PSY 1005, PSY 2001

本课程探讨当前的研究成果和重要的理论观点 与人类发展的认知、社会情感和身体领域有关的 and growth across the lifespan. A major theme of the course is the interaction between nature and nurture in human development.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001 

Examine the principle forms of psychological disorders as described in the DSM-V, with emphasis on causes, symptoms, and treatment.  An analysis of adaptive versus maladaptive thinking and behaviors is included. Treatment approaches are considered from a variety of modalities; hands-on strategies and techniques are shown in class. Case studies are used as models for diagnosis and treatment.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001

本课程是应用心理学专业学士学位的最后一门课程,是一门综合性课程 通过对该领域当前问题的探索,对以前的核心课程进行分析 of psychology. Student-led presentations and discussions are informed by readings and analysis of contemporary theories and research. 

Elective Psychology Courses (21 Credits)

Choose 7 courses from the following options.

考察代表精神分析的主要理论家,身份,需求层次, behavioral, and humanistic approaches to the study of personality. Also considered, learn about the influence of events in theorists’ personal and professional lives on the development of these theories. The ways in which race, cultural issues, and gender play a part in the study of personality and personality assessment are also explored.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001

Examine psychology in the workplace. Use psychological principles to deal with problems associated with employment and the work environment. Consideration of employee selection 培训,领导风格的行为修正,以及激励技巧 are included.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001

Explore the varied facets of the field of Forensic Psychology;  study landmark cases relevant to psychology and the law. Topics include police psychology, expert testimony, forensic psychological assessment, and homeland security. Ethics within forensic psychology are also discussed, as well as correctional psychology and juvenile justice.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001

This course studies human behavior within a social context. It addresses the reciprocal influences between everyday social experiences and the individual. Topics include relationships, person perception, attitudes, conformity and obedience, persuasion, prejudice, group processes, and attraction.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001

本课程探讨了如何利用心理学来提高运动员的幸福感, coaches and teams. Psychological and social theories as well as research related to performance, fitness and athletic programs will be explored.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001

本课程密切探讨社会心理学中感兴趣的中心话题,如 特别是固有的社会性、动态性和自我的多面性 identities. 

课程涵盖的主题包括自尊、自我概念、自我图式、可塑性 社会身份,自我幻想,以及角色文化和社会群体成员 play in defining the self. In addition, the topic of the centrality of the self in processes such as memory, impression formation ,and attitude formation is covered. 孩子们是如何形成与他人分离的自我概念的.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001

介绍历史和当代恐怖组织和他们的动机和 策略,研究恐怖主义对个人,社区, and the larger world. Recruitment efforts, terrorist goals, influences on group members, and the dissolution of a terrorist group is examined.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001 

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to general theories and methods related to culture and diversity. Emphasis is placed on psychological research that links culture to mental processes. In addition, a focus is placed on diverse aspects 人类的日常生活,包括社会关系,认知过程,基本 visual perception, art, judgments of morality, and mental illness. 

Topics that bridge cultural psychology and identity, including group and identity 形成、刻板印象、偏见、耻辱、群体间接触和多元文化主义 are integral.  Special emphasis is placed on critically examining research methods 并根据课程所涵盖的主题分析现实世界对文化的处理.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001 

学生考察个体从受孕到青春期的发展. 遗传的影响,以及生理成熟等发育过程的影响, cognitive changes, personality and social and emotional development are studied. Explore 与儿童和青少年发展有关的各种心理学理论和观点. 

Prerequisite: PSY 1001, PSY 2010 

This course is an introduction to the scientific study of adulthood, with special emphasis on gerontology.  Students examine theories, principles, and research related 认知变化和社会发展,特别是在代际的背景下 relationships.  Critically review research that focuses on how social partners affect physical, cognitive and emotional well-being throughout adulthood.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001, PSY 1001, PSY 2010 

This course explores theoretical and practical issues of international psychology, as they relate to human behavior. Course material and discussion focus on the state of psychology outside of North America.  Specific emphasis is on issues regarding the interrelatedness of local, global, international issues, intercultural issues, trends and systems from psychological perspectives.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001 

本课程探讨个体在一生中的性行为和性态度. 主题包括性行为的生物学、社会和心理学基础 生殖,跨文化视角,性别角色,刻板印象和种族 因为它与人类的性行为、宗教方面和社会经济影响有关. 学生学会批判性地分析、反思和评价不同的理论 perspectives. Appropriate content from related sciences is also included.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001 

An introduction to the study of gender from a psychological perspective. Examine social roles, status, and gender-related traits, particularly in regard to relationships and health. This course is designed to provide the student with a richer understanding of gender and relationships, both personal and professional.

Prerequisite: PSY 1001 

General Education (42 Credits)

除了满足上述课程要求和选修课外,所有学生 must also fulfill 42 credits of General Education requirements. These include courses in writing, humanities, science, and multiculturalism. These courses reflect Rosemont’s approach to a liberal arts education. Click here to see General Education requirements.

General Electives (33 Credits)

该项目开设了11门选修课,让学生有机会进一步学习 customize their learning. This also allows flexibility for those transferring in previous credits that may not map to the core, focus, or general education curriculum.