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社交聚会的画面. Centered in the picture of a twenty-something bru网te white woman.

Highly-successful alumni hold positions as agents, designers, editors, managing editors, developmental and acquisitions editors, proofreaders, writers, teachers, photographers, marketing directors, production managers, sales managers, technology consultants, 作家等等.

Practical Skills for an Ever-Changing Market

While our program is online, many students choose to relocate to Rosemont's convenient location in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania in the Philadelphia metro region. 我们的位置 provides you with access to additional educational opportunities at Rosemont, and exciting employment and 网working opportunities in Philadelphia and along the East 海岸. 学生追求 文学硕士学位 begin or advance their careers by interning or working while they study, adding to their academics with hands-on experience and practical workplace knowledge.

In a survey of recent alumni who interned while they were in the program, we found 那95% of respondents were employed full-time in publishing or doing publishing-related 从项目毕业后工作. 的se students reported 那 they "often" or "constantly" "used the 从…学到的技能或知识 文学硕士出版课程 or 实习. (Data collected from students in academic years 2014-15 through 2018-19.)


Pietra Dun更多的 '16, Freelance Writer, Editor, Stylist

皮特拉·邓莫尔的专家, 一位年轻的非洲裔美国妇女, 卷曲的黑发和一条紫色的围巾.Double Degree, MFA in Creative Writing and 出版文学硕士. 研究生 programs in Creative Writing and 出版 introduced me to new forms of creative writing and expression—along with driving me to create and submit 更多的 often for publication. 2016年从正规赌博十大平台排行毕业后, 我有各种各样的经历. I do not have a typical day, but I use my skills 每天都在正规赌博十大平台排行磨练. 

我现在是最后的读者 重要新闻,《正规赌博十大平台排行》. 阅读提交的材料是我的责任 of compressed fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction and give the definitive vote 关于有问题的作品. 我可以诚实地说,和 Rathalla审查小组 作为一名编辑 操作和维护一台小型压力机 课堂对我目前的工作有很大的帮助.

For a few summers, I worked as an English teacher for 罗文的冠军 (Creating Higher Aspiration and Motivation Project) Gear Up summer program, a six-week summer enrichment program for Camden City middle and high school students.

每天,我维护我的公司 RetroChic美 还有我的作者网站 pietradun更多的.网. 的 experiences I had in the publishing classes have helped me maintain a cohesive 两个网站的外观和感觉.

Cassie Drumm '16, Senior Account Executive at Scribewise

卡西·德拉姆的形象, a young white woman with glasses and brown hair standing in front of a shelf of books.出版文学硕士. I started as an English major at Rosemont and worked my way to the 出版 program 大二的时候. 的 thing 那 I loved about these programs was 那 I could 把它们变成我自己的. My undergrad advisor saw potential in me and accelerated 按我的要求. I realized over time 那 all of the staff at Rosemont taught 我要为自己辩护. As a Raven Peer Leader I would always tell incoming freshmen 那 their time in college was whatever they made it to be. 没有人握住我的手 I asked for what I wanted, as I made my own honors assignments for non-honors classes, and as I convinced the director of the 研究生 出版 Program to let me start 比任何人都早.

This confidence has stayed with me throughout the early parts of my career. 作为一个 assistant at 跑新闻, I asked for a promotion within a year of getting hired. I asked for what I thought I deserved, and I usually received what I asked for. 晚些时候 on, when I was shaping new initiatives at 跑新闻, I helped my supervisors create a new position 那 was molded to my goals and vision for the company. 我不会 have gotten as far as I have without the guidance of my advisors at Rosemont, encouraging 让我永远为我应得的而奋斗.

In the 研究生 出版 Program, my professors guided me to gain the knowledge and experience to confidently start my career in the publishing industry. 与每个 class, I felt new challenges and 更多的 opportunities to learn about the industry. I started my job at 跑新闻 knowing 更多的 than most of my colleagues about the 我们部门以外的部门. I used my knowledge of 出版 law to weed through contracts and find permissions when using author and illustrator content in marketing 活动. I used my knowledge of indie bookstore operations to set up an authorless event kit when we were challenged for funds to send our actual authors on tour. My background on trends in the Children’s lit space came in handy when sitting in on 新职称会议. And my thesis work on the social media landscape in book publishing helped to shape my role as Associate Digital Marketing Manager, a position created 只为我和我的目标.

玛德琳Polino '19,编辑助理

玛德琳PolinoDual Degree, 英语和传播学学士学位 and 出版文学硕士. Rosemont gave me a path 那 allowed me to find a destination. 多亏了 女子足球项目我找到了正规赌博十大平台排行. Thanks to Writing 110, I found the English and Communications 部门. And thanks to Professor Katie Baker, I found the 研究生 出版 正规赌博十大平台排行学院的项目.

I always thought I wanted to go to journalism school after Rosemont, but editing and 写作是我需要做的事情. 的 4+1 program gave me 那 chance and gave me 那 opportunity to jump-start a path to my future career.

In the fall of 2017, I entered 出版 Overview, where I was the only 双学位本科生. Walking into 那 class on the first night presented me with two challenges: meet 新认识的人,和他们谈论出版. 我一点也不知道,这就是我要去的地方 to have to do every day for the rest of my professional life.

In the spring of 2018, I juggled three graduate and three undergraduate courses. 在 this semester, I recognized my path for the program: the editorial concentration. At 那 moment, I noticed how important editing was. 是的,作者写了这本书 or article, but the editor is responsible for making it sound good, for conveying the author’s voice and tone and meaning, and for bringing the book its life in this world in the form of acquisition and eventually publication.

With summer, I started the leg work for my thesis – a now completed 87-page paper 让我无比自豪的事. This semester taught me about the additional realms of publishing, but also helped me realize 那 publishing (and the working world) doesn’t stop for the summer and neither does the work it will take for me to get there.

这次跌倒让我意识到很多事情. 在花费了数不清的时间之后 my thesis while focusing on my final undergraduate semester and soccer season, I recognized just how important my future occupation would be, and 那 I was ready to be there.

In the spring of 2019, after just completing my 英语和传播学学士学位, I presented myself with the final challenge: finish the program. 感谢马歇尔 Warfield, the program's director, and his recognition of my drive to finish, I was able to balance four classes, the final semester of my thesis, and working part-time 无论是在家里还是在学校.

At the end of four years and after completing my final semester, I walked for my undergraduate 在同一个典礼上获得研究生学位. 当然,和其他学生一样,我也是 happy to say 那 I earned my degree, but the program and Rosemont brought me so much 更多的.

Rosemont – between undergraduate and graduate school – brought me lifelong friends, 一个团队,一个家庭,一个教育. But it also brought me the realities of life including long nights, busy workloads, and lots of cups of coffee. 程序本身 brought me drive and desire to work within publishing, but also made me realize some of life’s most important lessons and experiences: balance work and life, find what you love to do every day and you’ll never dislike going to work, take opportunities and chances because you’ll never know where they will take you, and to never give up.

Three weeks after graduation, I started as an Editorial Assistant for CFMA Building Profits, an association magazine aimed at construction and financial industry professionals. Every day, I use the skills and knowledge of editing, proofreading, and publishing 那 I learned in Rosemont’s 研究生 出版 program.

I also use the other life lessons of communication, balance, hard work, passion, and 每天开车. And outside of just me, the others around me display them, 太. And thanks to this program, I am comfortable with using my educational and life 在我的日常生活中.

For the educational opportunities, life experiences and lessons, and future possibilities 那 Rosemont and the 研究生 出版 program brought me, I am eternally grateful.


By offering educational opportunities 那 allow for real-world experience, research, knowledge of current practices, and interaction with industry-professionals, the 研究生 出版 Program at Rosemont大学 aims to make the publishing industry 更多的 accessible 对学生、专业人士和公众. 对于参加这个项目的学生来说, courses provide an education 那 covers several areas of publishing, helping them with a career in publishing or a publishing-related field. 这种教育是为 to prepare students to meet the needs of organizations or their own publishing endeavors.

目标1:  Understanding the Profession - 这个学位使学生能够 work in publishing marketplaces, and students who complete 该学位将证明你有能力

  • 准确使用行业特定词汇
  • apply knowledge learned in courses to work performed in publishing
  • adapt and grow publishing-related skillsets

目标2: Researching Industry Developments - 这个学位使学生能够 effectively analyze realities of the publishing industry, and students who complete the degree will demonstrate 的能力

  • identify important sources of current industry knowledge
  • conduct research into current industry knowledge
  • use their research to make valid inferences relevant to publishing situations

目标3: 〇有效沟通 这个学位使学生能够 effectively analyze and communicate with various audiences, and students who complete 该学位将证明你有能力

  • adapt their writing voice across marketplace situations
  • communicate effectively between different roles across publishing
  • effectively present their ideas in public-speaking situations