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This 39-credit hour (11-course, four-semester practicum) Master’s Degree in 教育 in Higher 教育 and Student Affairs (HESAA) is centered around three areas of focus: higher 教育 administration, social justice, and the essential skills for 学生事务实践者. 四学期课程的每个学期提供 这些领域各有一门课程. 顶点课程提供了一个专注的机会 one prevailing issue faced 在高等教育中 and to create a response to that problem, 使用可实现的解决方案.

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本课程提供 an introduction to concepts of administration and organization 适用于当代高等教育环境. 它将涵盖文献 on Organizational Theory as applied to higher 教育 institutions, building a foundation 关于高等教育管理和行政的文献. 本课程有助 an understanding of the role 和功能 of various student affairs units and the application of organizational theory to understand how institutions make decisions, 制定政策,与校园社区建立联系. (3学分)

Colleges and universities have a special role to play in making sure America’s prosperity 对所有人开放. 本课程探讨与高等教育相关的偏见 in this country, focusing on existing structural bias and the historical foundation 这就创造了偏见继续存在的环境. 解决问题的系统方法 solving, with a focus on creating inclusive communities, creates the opportunity for students to identify structural bias and to implement 解决方案 to undermine and eradicate 在他们的功能区域. (3学分)

Overview of the work of the student affairs profession, including philosophical base, 历史发展、当前实践和未来趋势. 提供全面的 introduction to the field of college student affairs and its role in American higher 教育. 本课程探讨大学学生事务专业的基础 specifically, and higher 教育 generally, including history, philosophy, roles, 和功能. 学生还将探究大学生的特点,进行分析 the influence of organizational type and culture on college students and the nature of student affairs work, and consider essential partnerships with stakeholders in 学院学生事务工作. (3学分)

Practica internships, offered in various College departments and offices, enable students 将概念知识与专业实践相结合. (1)


Introduction to evaluation and institutional assessment models, basic research methodological approaches, application of professional competency standards and use of skills and 评估中学后联合课程规划的技术. 本课程将 be practical in nature, with an emphasis on preparation to engage in assessment in 有意义的方式. 学生将有机会关注机构参与, 学生事务参与,学生学习评估. 学生将 create an assessment plan for an on-campus unit, as well as gain experience presenting information related to assessment, which is an important component of the assessment 过程. (3学分)

This course explores cultural pluralism philosophies, racial identity development, racial incidences, and 教育al practices related to racism and diversity for implementation 在高等教育中. 它将促进文化高效学生的发展 affairs practitioners who understand the impact of the history and structure of higher 对美国高等教育中未被充分代表的群体的教育. 这门课 is designed to promote cross-cultural understanding and the role of student affairs 专业人士是社会变革的推动者. (3学分)

本课程提供 an understanding of the various theories informing college student 发展和学生事务实践. 它着眼于社会,心理社会,认知 结构性发展和一体化发展. 学生将探索身份发展 模型,以及它们相交的方式. 目的是用理论来提供信息 practice, and then to effectively apply that theory to the greater systems of equity and inclusion, through an understanding of the developmental patterns of adolescents 还有年轻人. (3学分)

Practica internships, offered in various College departments and offices, enable students 将概念知识与专业实践相结合. (2学分)


In a time when higher 教育 is ever more directly impacted by the law, this course 具体解决学生事务从业人员面临的法律问题. 学生 will be exposed to how to read and interpret case law, legislation, and federal and 国家指导以及如何在法律范围内采取行动. 本课程提供 an intensive and critical analysis of contemporary campus legal and leadership issues. (3学分)

This seminar explores how to broker and facilitate difficult and emotionally loaded conversations about areas related to the social justice and inequity, as well as the 这些冲突会让新领导产生焦虑. 学生将获得一种理解 of different types of difficult conversations, the neuroscience of what makes a conversation difficult, and the reason why avoiding these conversations can undermine an organization’s 有效性与学生的自信心和自我意识. 通过阅读,分组 practice with feedback, analysis of past challenging conversations, and class discussions, 学生使用核心技能来处理困难的对话. (3学分)

本课程提供 an introduction to higher 教育 research methodologies, analysis, and decision-making through introduction of basics of research design including problem identification, literature review, method selection, data collection and analysis, 应用、写作和道德. 学生将学习如何识别问题,分析问题 its origins, understand the system within which it exists, and research potential 解决方案. 这门课程为学生的顶点考试做准备. (3学分)

Practica internships, offered in various College departments and offices, enable students 将概念知识与专业实践相结合. (2学分)


学生将 build on the research undertaken in Research in Higher 教育 to formulate an implementable solution to a significant and specific problem they’ve 在学院的一个区域被发现. 学生将清晰地表达问题并构建 a case study with corresponding solution, along with an analysis of potential outcomes. (3学分)

本课程提供 an introductory examination of financial, economic, and budgetary 高等教育中的问题. 学生复习主要的政治、经济和 social issues influencing higher 教育 finance, examine revenue streams and expenditure patterns, survey tuition and financial aid policies, develop the ability to examine and analyze financial information, and assess the budget as an instrument of strategic 计划、资源分配和控制. (3学分)

Practica internships, offered in various College departments and offices, enable students 将概念知识与专业实践相结合. (1 credit; will be (与《十大赌博正规老平台》并列)