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There are countless reasons to obtain an MBA, and they all boil down to one thing: 竞争优势. 拥有正规赌博十大平台排行学院的MBA学位,你会脱颖而出 an innovative problem-solver who can think critically, work effectively within a diverse 团队,并不断学习最新的最佳实践.  

Through our traditional MBA track you will have the unique ability to customize your 学位与你的个人职业目标相匹配. 你可以四舍五入 your degree by selecting four master-level courses from any of Rosemont’s accelerated online graduate curriculum—cybersecurity, healthcare administration, homeland security & 应急管理、人力资源管理和战略领导. 想象一下 the unique combinations that could truly distinguish you as a business professional. 


Rosemont has been supporting people like you to advance their lives, and those of 他们的家庭,从1921年开始接受教育. 我们相信优质教育应该 我们的申请流程反映了这一点. 应用 容易,而且免费吗. 我们只需要一些证明文件就能确保正规赌博十大平台排行 最适合你吗.  点击这里了解更多关于如何应用和相关需求的信息



  • Developing and implementing strategic planning models which demonstrate an understanding 一个实体对连续性和可持续性的需求. 
  • Creating and applying quantitative business planning models to attain and improve 结果. 
  • Demonstrating an understanding of marketing theory through the development of marketing 计划. 
  • Appraising the role of multiculturalism and diversity in a global economy and design 增加工作场所包容性的活动和计划. 
  • Incorporating ethical theory into all 项目s to denote an understanding of socially 负责组织. 
  • Interpreting and applying the financial 原则和政策 needed to function 实际上是在全球经济中. 


The MBA is a 36-credit (12-course) program that is offered in both a one-year accelerated 格式和兼职,为期两年的选择. 全日制速成学生选修两门课程 courses every seven weeks for three semesters (fall, spring, summer), for a total 36个学分的课程. 非全日制学生可以在两年的时间里学习. 

All classes are taught through a developmental and student-centered methodology by 在他们的领域中是实践者的商业专业人士. 该计划的重点 is the development of critical thinking and problem solving, and students improve these skills through the use of case studies, collaborative learning, participant 演讲和问题分析. 


This course focuses on differentiating the conceptual and theoretical aspects and models of leadership and leadership studies in order for students to apply leadership 在他们的业务场所的技能和原则. 领导的基础 are taught with an emphasis on how to live out these fundamentals in an ethical manner. (3学分)

This course develops competence and judgmental skills in using quantitative models 规划和决策. 重点放在识别的情况下 models can be used advantageously, when to work effectively with them, and how to 一旦它们被开发出来,就要好好利用. 主题包括决策 under conditions of uncertainty, decision and risk analysis, forecasting, linear programming, modeling applications in marketing, manufacturing, finance and scheduling, and 项目 管理方法. (3学分)

This course explores the basic concepts and fundamentals of marketing and data analysis. It applies these concepts toward improving the prospects of companies faced with opportunities 以及今天做生意的挑战. 重点是通过实施战略 定价、分销渠道、促销和新产品决策. 定性 研究技术. 为了使市场营销的研究变得现实、令人兴奋, and dynamic, the case analysis approach is used to illustrate how concepts and tools 提出的方法可应用于市场营销决策. 案例允许学生 work on real marketing problems, to develop an appreciation for the types of problems that exist, and to develop skills of analysis and decision-making necessary for success 在市场营销和其他商业领域. (3学分)

This course provides students with a broad perspective of the important issues in 21世纪的全球市场. 学生将参与阅读和讨论 on issues related to global markets, interrelated global economics, the impact of 政府的命令,以及向知识型经济的转变. 的检验 analysis of demand, cost and output, market structure, and pricing policy is included. (3学分)

This course examines the theoretical framework and practical concepts of financial 原则和政策. 将特别注意对…的理解 从商业决策的角度分析财务报表.

This course examines the interactive nature of the ever-changing marketplace locally, 区域、国家和国际是本课程的重点. 学习者考虑 how the dynamics of these relationships provide inherent risks and opportunities, 而且很可能是未来前所未有的商业机会. 底层 current of this course is the question of how economics and political globalization 影响文化,反之亦然. 因为有一种看待全球化的倾向 only within the process of economic advancement, this course intends to move beyond that singular conception and encourage learners to identify the cultural, political 社会层面也是如此. (3学分)

In this course, students will closely examine organizations that have experienced significant or functional disruptions to their business 实践 and assess their 组织反应. 在不稳定、不确定、 复杂和模糊的环境将是一个主要的焦点. 学生也会发展 and apply skills in the areas of resilience, agility, adaptability, and critical thinking. (3学分)

Students will produce an action research 项目 that examines a real world problem 在全球,行业和组织影响的背景下. 学生将整合 并运用所学到的各种理论、方法和实践 the program and develop an original solution to the stated problem through this culminating 项目. (3学分)


Through the traditional MBA track, you will work with your Academic Advisor to select 4 courses from any of Rosemont’s accelerated online master's degree programs, allowing 你可以灵活地专注于个人或职业兴趣领域. 这包括 网络安全,医疗管理,国土安全等课程 & 紧急 management, human resource management, and strategic leadership—in any combination 由你选择. 


MBA学位可以在许多行业中转换. 你是否渴望内在的进步 an international corporation or strike out on your own as an entrepreneur, your MBA 课程作业将为你的成功做准备. 正规赌博十大平台排行的MBA课程为你提供了 竞争优势 by ensuring your education and skills are current to innovative business 实践. MBA毕业生的工作包括: 

  • 首席运营官 
  • 企业家 
  • 财务顾问 
  • 财务经理 
  • 健康服务经理 
  • 人力资源经理 
  • 投资银行家 
  • 产品经理 
  • 销售经理